Let's be clear, if you're in this page is because you're already have some money concerns!

As heads of households, we don't have the luxury to stop providing for our families. We keep working until we can and more.

But what if that's still not enough? The money seems to be flying out the window faster each week, two weeks or month?

Sometimes, you collect your check just to pay debts.

We're here to tell you that you're not alone!

Millions of people are in the exact same situation. 

The first thing you need to know about it is that  IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!! 

Take a look at what the economic policies of the country have done to the purchase power of the US Coin, our magnificent Dollar. 

I f you observe the graph from the dailycoin.org you can see that nowadays you will need a $100.00 to buy what most people could with $1.00 in 1913, that was the year we put the Federal Reserve in charge.

What do you think?

This sucks!! What can I do?

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Do you trust the Federal Reserve?

With one imminent recession cooking in the near future, I wanted to take a look at history and found this article in Investopedia.com

It looks like in this country we're subject to a recession every decade. It makes you wonder what the Federal Reserve Officials do to earn their huge salaries.

Did you know that there are countries where the term recession is highly uncommon?

Australia is an example of them, until COVID-19, they have been recession free for 29 years as well as other countries in Asia like Cambodia, Mongolia and Kazakstan.

Check this out:

Recession Proof Countries   

Mark My Words. 2020 ain't got nothin on what's about to happen in 2021.

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The Fed has printed an extra $9 Trillion dollars THIS YEAR. That's 22% of all of the US currency in circulation.

You can't print that much money and devalue the currency that far without creating MASSIVE, Hyperinflation.

(Inflation means that the hard earned dollars that you're trading precious moments for... don't go as far. HYPERinflation means Inflation that is all jacked up on Red Bull.)

I don't want my money to vanish...

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Don't worry, I'm here to tell you that there are people in this country and planet that have worked out a solution to what's keeping you up at night. 

They'll help you understand a new way of doing things and sleep like a baby.

I want to learn more.  


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This is the 21st century, we don't have to abide 100% to the system's demands .

We're in the largest wealth and power shift the planet has ever seen. Those that KNOW, are diving into Crypto, Gold,  and Silver like their life depends on it (because it does.)

Ready to do that!? I have SEVERAL ways to help you.  But,  you've gotta be willing to help yourself and take the first step.

NO,  you don't need to be good at sales.  YES,  you need to be coachable, teachable,  and fun to work with.  If you're willing to be THAT... we will go build a team AROUND you.

Let's do IT!

We can start by making you a Gold and Silver investor. NOPE, you don't have to be super rich to become one and as a matter of fact, you can get paid too.

I want some gold!!