School is On!!!

What do we do during the school year?

Parents College EPC, Raul Villarreal

Good day to every single one of you. I know we have been a little absent lately, but that doesn't mean we stop working on what matters the most to us. Part of the work we do  on our facebook page is to give you suggestions of events and activities to do and enjoy with your family for free in this wonderful city. Check out Awesome things to do. 

One more of our plans is to teach how to use technology appropriately to school age kids. We want to do it during after school programs and the beginning of the year is the time to plan all those activities. Additionally we are working hard to have more than one summer camp next time. We feel confident that next summer we will have more weeks of summer camp and in more locations... that is how awesome this project is and no participant has expressed otherwise.

We want to ask you a favor, please fill in thisInterest Survey, we want to know how many people is interested in our project and think it can be useful to their lives.

As of right now, I wish you the best of lucks dealing with school rush hour, school supplies shopping, school spread illnesses, school bullying, school homework etc. etc, etc. And you're right, the word "school" is repeated very often, Why would that be?

See you next time.