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Are you considered your family's default provider, driver, cheerleader, planner, cook, nurse, etc.?

Do they at least ask how you doing?

Yes... sometimes.

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Are your kids frequently throwing temper tantrums?

We've all been there, in the middle of a public place and suddenly our little one starts demanding, yelling, crying for the slightest reason possible.

If this happens very rarely, you have no problem, but if this happens once a week or so, you need to do something about it.

You're right, let's deal with this!! 



Siempre están peleando?
Nunca se ponen de acuerdo?
No se preocupe, le podemos ayudar a arreglar su situación. Por ańos, hemos ayudado a muchas familias a vivir mejor.

La suya puede ser la siguiente.

Awesome, what's next?

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Let's talk about putting food on the table.

Are you noticing that food is getting more expensive by the week?

Your family is growing and your possibilities for satisfying your teenage offsprings appetite are going down as they get bigger?

You have already overdraft your credit card because sometimes you need to figure out how to get rid of debt?

Guilty as charged!!

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And physically?

Do you get tired walking down or upstairs?

Do your kids ask you to play with them and you oblige just to get injured in the first minute?

Is all you do after work sit in front of the TV and channel surf?

Have Legos become the only thing you can play with them?

  ... Maybe??

Are your kids constantly demanding you to entertain them?

Yes, they're bored and somehow in their heads it is YOUR main duty to provide entertainment for your little monsters.

Do you want to avoid these scenarios?

Tell me how!!

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Or worse... they might not even acknowledge your presence...

Electronics might be causing for you to feel alone and ignored at your own household. Technology is great, but only if you use it appropriately.

Join us and we'll give you some ideas to make that happen.

Please, help me!

Don't worry, there's a solution to all of the above!! 

Our program fights boredom and promotes family cohesion.