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This page contains links to the websites of wonderful people that help our mission. They agreed to donate a portion of their income if you give some of their products or services a try. We're confident you'll find something that can help improve your lifestyle or your business venture. This is a you win - they win - and we win relationship... just the way we like it.

Just give these products or services a try!! You won't regret.


These guys are specialists on helping people with unique business ventures to figure out the best way to make sales by the thousands. They work shoulder to shoulder with you to help you use technology so that your products get sold by in huge amounts.

Click on the button and find out how you can make your dream business come true.

As long as they launch a new class, you'll see a link to join the class here.

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Standing Bear Healing

What is missing in your life, freedom, enjoyment?

Is drama taking the best of your daily routine?

Rebecca offers healing sessions, click on the link and experience life as if you're a child.

Let's do it!!

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Each day, more people is willing to help us and you will be able to find their products and services in this space. Just keep visiting this page periodically.