Super Welcome!! 

Your life is about to change... seriously.

We know how much the environment drives our decision making process. Therefore, we provide you with the setting and environment you need to become the expert in your family, set your family goals and achieve them. This are some of the changes you can achieve:

Current Situation After Parents College
Families bored and overwhelmed by academics. Kids and adults excited to learn new things.
Families hypnotized by screens most of the time. Famiies playing card, board and other physical games.
Interaction limited to social media. Everyone interacting in person with productive and fun activities.
Kids having temper tantrums. Kids helping adults and other kids learn new things.

At Parents College we try to use technology at the extent is convenient for us and nothing more. We also practice other good habits. Think of us as your support group that will help you achieve any goal you set for yourself or your family.

Choose the format that is more convenient for you and we hope to see you in our next session.


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


We gather on Saturday mornings. We provide food, quality education and quality fun.

I want in. 

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A couple of days a week, we find the time to continue our journey. Good habits are not built by practicing one day per week. This format is for more committed people and the outcomes are obviously, greater.

I'm Ready 

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Summer Camp

This is how everything began. The greatest summer camp, the greatest people meeting for the greatest about of time, eating the greater food ever and playing the funniest games ever.

Sounds like heaven, count me in.