Who is you "Food Master"?

I bet you never thought about it this way!!

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But it's true, food is one of your primary needs (shelter and clothing are the other two).

If you're not able to satisfy any of those needs on your own, you sacrifice part of your freedom in order to get them.

Right now, prices are increasing exponentially, that means your "food master" will ask you to work more hours for a pound of potatoes.

Food prices going up!!


Even of your financial situation is not bad, you might still be affected by the growing food shortages. 

What are you going to buy at the store if there's nothing in the shelves?

Is it really that bad?

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But that's a lot of work!!!

You're right, but then again, we're in the 21st century.

We don't have to use the same methods as our grandparents did. 

That was time consuming, needed a lot of precious water and sweat.

Plus weather and insects could mess with your crops.

This is how to grow your food in the 21st century.

Let us introduce you to a new agricultural technique that:

1. Preserves water;

2. Requires low labor;

3. Uses ZERO pesticides and fertilizers;

4. It grows food at a faster rate than most popular methods.

The name is "Aquaponics"

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