Lots of ways to help!!!

This page contains the different ways that you can use to help us spread family education as much as possible. We hope you find a way that fits your lifestyle so that you can help yourself while being a generous person. 

Of course the easiest way to help is to donate, the following link will take you to the website of our Fiscal Sponsor

Let's do it.

We're launching our Patreon Channel!!

Patreon.com is a platform that allows creators of content to be sponsored by people like you. We will be posting videos about our activities and if you like what we do, we're asking you to do a monthly commitment of $5.00. You can also like our content, share it and encourage others to become patrons of our channel.

We certainly hope you like what we do and support our mission in any way you can.

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When it comes to patrones, the more the merrier.

PCollege Weekend
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Summer Camp 2020
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